Daxin Light up Hat Beanie LED Christmas Hat Adults Women Men Kids Girls Boys Novelty Funny Hat Gifts (Black)

    • Price : £12.99
    • Price : £12.99
    Colour Name:Black

    DAXIN led hat is a kind of funny hat for children and adult. It is suitable for party, christmas, birthday, ect.

    • Light up hat are configured in 7 lights (2 green, 3 red, and 2 blue) and 3 light modes, you can change the light mode by pressing the on/off button
    • Led christmas hat can enhance the festive atmosphere, colorful lights brings a fantastic look
    • Led beanie hats are suitable for christmas gifts, new year, birthday, party, EDM, disco, dance club, light shows, led rave, hip hop clothing, etc
    • The novelty funny hat is adjustable so that most adults and children over 8 can use it, very comfortable
    • Contains and installs the battery (replaceable). Each battery pack can work continuously for more than 24 hours
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