Aotoba Hooded Blanket Novelty Horror Movies Watching Protecting Blankets Game Play Tricks blanket Kit Hooded Blanket Mysterious Ghost Blanket 150x200CM

  • Price : 21.80

Product Specification:

hooded blanket


Children: 130*150cm

Adult: 150*200cm

Fabric: soft crystal velvet front, warm cashmere back

Pattern: as shown

Packing list: 1 blanket

Easy to wash: machine wash or hand wash, low temperature

Season: spring, summer, autumn, winter

Note: These blankets may lose softness and texture if washed with hot water and dried at high temperatures.

Tips:This product has 10 styles, If you need other style please feel free to contact us

  • The exterior is super soft and high quality fabric (100% microfiber wool), the interior is white, softer than wool, which makes you feel extravagant.
  • Easy to care - made of shrink-resistant fabric. Machine wash in cold water, low temperature drying. Avoid direct heating. Do not use bleach
  • Great for winter, watching TV, lying on a sofa bed, reading, learning, sleeping, camping, playing games and sleeping.
  • You can wear a hat without dragging it on the floor. two size types are suitable for older children, adults, parents and grandparents!
  • The hooded blanket is large enough to keep you warm. It is also suitable for walking at home and lying on the sofa.
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